Fyne Vision

To be the best Toolkit for developing beautiful and usable native graphical applications for desktop and beyond.


We believe that graphical applications should be easy to develop and work across all operating systems. Additionally we feel that open source development would be more popular with a GUI toolkit that makes development easier.



Create an easy to use cross-platform UI toolkit for desktop (88%)

Building cross platform graphical applications is complicated and difficult to learn. The technologies involved are old and therefore carry with them legacy design choices. We will deliver an easy to learn and develop with toolkit for GUI development across all desktop operating systems.


Support mobile and web based applications (87%)

Once we have delivered a platform for creating cross platform desktop applications we should expand the offering to include mobile applications as well. To some this is the "holy grail" of graphical toolkits and will involve creating many APIs and high level constructs to support applications that adapt to the current device and operating system.


Build a beautiful desktop environment (75%)

The linux desktop, like graphical open source software, has many struggles to mainstream adoption. We believe that part of the problem is that these platforms are hard to learn and have a high barrier to contribution. The FyneDesk project (working title) will deliver a desktop platform that is as easy to learn and develop for as the Fyne toolkit. All written in go :).